File No. 861.00/755

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris) to the Secretary of State


1113. In view of Russian situation and of conditions of which I am informed by Colonel Thompson, head of Red Cross. William F. Sands and others who have just come from Russia, I should like to call to your attention whether it would be advisable for the Allies to use good offices with the neutral powers as to the desirability of not recognizing Bolshevik government in Russia for the present. From well-informed sources I learn the present Russian Government is very anxious that one of the neutral powers make a start by recognizing their government which would give it an official international standing and create more satisfactory atmosphere for them to continue their relations with the Central powers and which would also establish a precedent for other neutral countries to follow. Should you so desire I can informally and unofficially ascertain Sweden’s feeling on this point.