File No. 861.00/747

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State


1106. Swedish press reports on Russia:

Five delegates left for Brest Litovsk, included only one well-known name Bolshevik leader Kamenev. Two General Staff officers also accompanied delegation, General Staff saying these officers don’t share views separate peace action but accompany delegation to protect Allies’ military and technical interests. American Military Attaché publicly declares Russia’s right under present circumstances to put forward question of general peace. American Military Attaché, according to Soviet bulletin, visited Trotsky unofficially and told him he had come to do away with certain misunderstandings especially on point how far new government intend strive after peace in conjunction with Allies. Trotsky replied peace debates would be public and Allies given opportunity follow whole developments. General Jackson [Judson] said he would bring this to his government’s knowledge saying time for protests and threats against Soviet government was passed. Trotsky said that General’s above words were sufficient to annul protest of American Attaché to Russian Army headquarters. Executive Committee has turned itself into temporary parliament to function until Constituent Assembly meets. Government henceforward responsible to parliament to which it must give account every eighth day. Peasant Soviets have united with Petrograd Soviet. Personnel of Russian Embassies, Legations and Consulates have been discharged for refusing recognize new régime. Russian Legations Copenhagen, Stockholm have left notes of Trotsky unanswered.

Regarding Finland, it is reported that Bolshevik government has named new Finnish Governor General. In view of recent adoption by Finnish Senate of supreme power in Finland it is probable that he will not be recognized.