File No. 861.00/756

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


2056. Just had visit from Captain Proctor of the British military mission stationed at Archangel, who says sent by Admiral Kemp commanding British flotilla at Archangel to urge British and all Allied Embassies to conciliate Trotsky because all foreigners in Russia except Germans are in imminent personal danger. Kemp advises that all British, American, French and Belgians go immediately to Archangel to which British relief ship is destined and where accommodations on ship and ashore can be procured. Says 45,000 armed Serbian soldiers at Vologda in starving condition and Kemp desires them transported to Archangel for the protection of foreigners; also British, French and Belgian military units numbering about 300 each in Russia; says good wireless station at Archangel [Page 282] and direct cable from there to London; that 100,000 tons of munitions, much accumulation of lumber and export cargoes there which will need protection from demobilized army. Proctor says has lived in Russia fourteen years and thinks every foreign interest in great jeopardy not excepting embassies and legations. He is evidently frightened and says Kemp thinks England should immediately release interned socialists in compliance with Trotsky’s demand.