File No. 861.00/11427

The Military Attaché in Russia ( Judson) to the War Department

[Copy of a letter sent to the Chief of the Russian General Staff, Petrograd.]

Excellency: There has been brought to my attention the following press communication from the United States:

The American Government has announced that no shipments of military supplies and provisions to Russia will be effected until the situation of this country will be established. The government before permitting the export of American products wants to know into whose hands they will get in Russia. The exports to Russia will be resumed only after the formation of a steady government which can be recognized by the United States, but if the Bolsheviks will remain in power and will put through their program of making peace with Germany, the present embargo on exports to Russia will remain in force. The credits to the Provisional Russian Government reach to the present day $325,000,000, of which $191,000,000 have already been appropriated; the larger part of this money has already been spent for the purchase of supplies, which are ready [Page 267] for loading. The ships allotted by America for the carrying of this freight are ready for sailing but do not receive permission to leave the ports and they will be refused coal.

It occurs to me that it is but fair to convey to your excellency the circumstances that neither I nor the American Ambassador has as yet received from the United States of America instructions or information similar to that contained in the press report above quoted. Nevertheless it seems but fair to express to your excellency the opinion that the press report correctly states the attitude of the Government of the United States. We are in daily expectation of receiving information similar to that conveyed by the above-mentioned press report.

Before sending you this communication I have submitted it to the American Ambassador who concurs in the expressions contained in it.

I avail myself [etc.]

W. V. Judson

Brigadier General, U. S. Army
American Military Attaché
Chief of American Military Mission to Russia