File No. 861.00/634

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1962. Bolsheviki appear to have control of everything here. Cannot learn whereabouts of any Minister. Two reported arrested and taken to Smolny Institute which is headquarters of Bolsheviki. Trotsky made incendiary speech Sunday and was followed in Russian by a man, Muscareis Nereid, who claims same strain [sic]. Trotsky introduced Lenin to Bolshevik audience to-day and Lenin made peace talk, violently attacking bourgeoisie and advocating division [Page 225] of property. No government here at present. Little firing on the street but no armed contests, some streets guarded. Majority of soldiers claim to be neutral but nearly all here are with Bolsheviki who say will form new government and notify Allies Russia cannot fight more and announce peace terms to Germany and if not accepted will then fight desperately for Russia. Many newspapers, perhaps all, suppressed.

10 p.m. Reported all Ministers arrested except Kerensky who has gone to Luga about 80 miles toward north front.