File No. 763.72/7506a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis)


1808. As result of special report made at request of President by Root mission on return to Washington, there will be established, [Page 215] under direction Bureau of Public Information here: (1) a war cable service from New York to Vestnik Agency, Petrograd, approximating 1,000 words daily, service already begun; (2) moving-picture service on large scale, 75,000 feet of films already prepared will be shipped shortly with machines and operators; (3) possible encouragement of lecture bureau and pamphlet lecture program on large scale; (4) extensive Y.M.C.A. program, 200 secretaries in all, of whom 70 already in Russia or en route, will be under immediate direction of Harte, who sails about November 10. …

Sisson, representing Bureau of Public Information, now sailing for Petrograd to study conditions and report regarding immediate realization of three features as enumerated. He represents Creel, who has been personally charged by President with direction of this undertaking. Y.M.C.A. program under exclusive control of Mott at New York. Sisson should be assisted in every way to make his work effective and insure sound understanding on his part of existing conditions.