File No. 861.00/618

The Military Attaché in Russia ( Judson ) to the War College Staff


53. Gradual disintegration of power of Government in all directions. Anarchy nearer daily; strikes and threats of strikes everywhere, including railroads where general strike imminent unless unreasonable demands accepted. Revolts in Turkestan: Don Cossacks refuse to quell, saying have been long enough alternately police force and accused of treason. Finnish Senate has prepared project practical independence Finland. Russian custodian recently refused to execute orders Kerensky to oppose alleged Finnish Diet.

Democratic Convention adjourned, having inaugurated a Parliament to which Ministry responsible; upon its expiration, Constitutional Assembly. Relations between such Pre-Parliament, which met yesterday, and Ministry not determined. Kerensky seems to have submitted convention, of which Tseretelli most influential member, to Pre-Parliament. No bourgeois in convention but number will be admitted to Pre-Parliament.

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All elements in Russia but socialists are cowed. Bolsheviks and anarchists, calling other socialists counter-revolutionists and condemning convention of which they constituted large minority, are, through Petrograd Soviet, calling conference of city Soviets which will be Bolshevik. Bolsheviks desire peace, separate or otherwise; distribution of land, and giving factories to workmen; all immediately. Other socialists wish immediate general peace and gradual realization socialist economic program. Political conditions overshadow everything, but economic and financial disaster hastening on.

Paper money reduced in size to facilitate more rapid printing.

Anti-American meetings occur. Bolsheviks regard American institutions as capitalistic and anti-democratic.

On Riga front German infantry divisions reduced from 18½, September 20, to 15½ now. Germans appear to rely again mainly on propaganda which enormous. Bolshevik ideas growing in army. Lynching of officers continues.

German fleet with transports reported still at sea in Baltic Sea.

Cabling above to Pershing.