File No. 861.00/567

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1826. Protest meeting held last evening as advertised, attendance variously estimated from two thousand to eight thousand. Two violent speeches made by Shatov, returned exile from America. Minister for Foreign Affairs now says did not mean meeting would be prevented in enclosed hall but that street demonstrations would be dispersed of which none occurred. Soldiers and armored motor left Embassy 11 p.m. after meeting adjourned, two soldiers remaining throughout night. Resolutions adopted send “Fraternal greeting to Goldman and Berkman and all those who in ‘free’ America [Page 202] fight for social revolution,” and in the name of free speech and free press demand, “Immediate release of our revolutionist friends and abolition of all provocative measures of the United States Government against internationalists.” Similar resolution passed by Kronstadt meeting. Resolution addressed to Councils of Workmen and Soldiers and to central committees thereof for presentation to our Government. Understand will be presented to me also but if by officers or committee of anarchist meeting shall not receive committee or resolutions.