File No. 861.00/568

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1824. Yesterday’s conference session without disturbance. Most speeches advocated coalition Ministry which is decided sentiment of conference. Conference continues to-day, to-morrow, possibly longer. Minister of Foreign Affairs lunched at the Embassy to-day, says Ministry formed and to be announced Tuesday. He, Kerensky, and present Minister of War, Minister of Marine, remain. New Ministry has sixteen members, of whom six are socialists including Kerensky but none are Soviet socialists. Of remaining ten four are Cadets by affiliation but not acting as such. Konovalov returns as Minister of [Page 201] Trade and Industry. Kerensky is political Vice President; Tretyakov economic Vice President; Nikitin, Minister of the Interior; Malyantovich, Minister of Justice. Last two are Socialists.

Finland situation continues bad, Minister of Trade and Commerce sending cavalry and artillery there.

Kerensky has decided victory, Bolsheviks emphatic defeat in conference. Tereshchenko influence strong [in] formation of Ministry but he did not attend conference nor did any ambassadors.

Commander sent fifty bicycle soldiers and armored motor cars to the Embassy this morning. Commanding officer says that he has orders to prevent demonstration on streets where gatherings. Minister for Foreign Affairs says that protest meeting not permitted because of law prohibiting hostile expressions toward the Allies. Some of posters signed “Anarcho-Syndicalists” and “the American bourgeoisie” indicating “this free country” in line. Expect no danger or demonstration. Military guard not requested, sent voluntarily by Government.