File No. 861.00/523

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1759. Situation calmer but tension still great. Minister for Foreign Affairs says new Ministry be announced Tuesday or Wednesday containing Cadet representation notwithstanding Soviet patronizers [protests] and threat to prohibit its members serving with Cadet validity [Ministers]. Minister for Foreign Affairs says army loyal to Provisional Government which accounts for Bolsheviks not having already made outbreak. Rodzyanko coming to Embassy 2 o’clock, Japanese Ambassador coming 4 o’clock, Minister for Foreign Affairs coming 6 o’clock, at their own suggestions.

Russian General Staff disturbed because heard large number German officers arriving in Sweden. Have telegraphed to Morris for information. Can you give any?

Soviet organ announces Provisional Government proclaimed republic and war committee will administer Government until action of Democratic All-Russian Congress called for September 25 in Petrograd [Page 192] but Minister for Foreign Affairs just told me Provisional Government does not recognize congress which called solely by Soviet.