File No. 861.00/517

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1745. All quiet. Tension lessening. Fear of hostilities about dissipated, but Bolshevik outbreak feared as 50,000 guns given workmen when Kornilov attack anticipated.

Minister for Foreign Affairs gave to the press action of Allied representatives which published to-day.

Kornilov demanding conditions before surrendering. Bolshevik sentiment and some Ministers demanding death penalty for Kornilov who been strongest advocate of its restoration. Alexeev appointment most acceptable to officers and conservative non-socialistic element. New Ministry forming under Kerensky which generally thought be exclusively socialistic but my information from reliable private source is that Cadets and industrial interests will have representation therein and be stronger than its predecessor. Kornilov’s failure attributable to bad advice, misinformation, improper methods, inopportuneness. Good soldier, patriot, otherwise inexperienced. Government was badly frightened and may profit by its experience.