File No. 861.00/507

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1734. Meeting of the Diplomatic Corps attended by all chiefs of missions. British Ambassador stated had called meeting at suggestion Minister for Foreign Affairs who said Petrograd be besieged, consequent scarcity food, likely to cause bread riots and communist excesses and while not outrightly advising departure insinuated such course be wise. All chiefs expressed intention remaining but when French Ambassador suggested offering services of Diplomatic Corps for mediation some neutral chiefs objected whereupon meeting adjourned. Meantime British Ambassador announced would be meeting of Allied chiefs immediately. Such meeting convened British Embassy and after conferences decided offer services to mediate [Page 188] between Government and Kornilov. British Ambassador presented action to Minister for Foreign Affairs who expressed appreciation but said such services not required now but if hereafter available would be used.

Kornilov issued proclamation appealing for support stating Lvov came to him as emissary of Kerensky and when approached Kerensky September 9 was conveying Kornilov’s reply. Kerensky and Kornilov in proclamations over respective signatures charge each other with German alliance or inclinations. Kornilov’s troops approaching Petrograd after repairing demolished railroads. Government preparing to offer resistance. Military attaché, naval attaché both think Kornilov will dominate situation after ineffectual resistance if any. Seems unavoidable.

Morning press says Sweden has offered to mediate separate peace between Russia and Germany. Is this true?