File No. 861.00/492

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1713. Nervousness increasing. Rumors of Bolshevik demonstration for Sunday, 9th. If it materializes army less reliable than two weeks [Page 182] ago. Some predictions that Government go Moscow in three weeks but if Bolshevik demonstrations dominate city, departure be sooner. Rumanian Minister returned from headquarters says Kornilov complains that Government regulations concerning restoration of [death penalty] handicap his command of situation while Minister for Foreign Affairs contends Kornilov given full authority under regulations approved by Kornilov. Others assert neither Kornilov nor any one able to command sufficient power to enforce discipline and that German advance, if made, be unsuccessfully resisted if at all. If German fleet captures Revel, as possible or probable, panic will ensue here and perhaps riots.