File No. 861.00/476

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1663. There is universal interest in Moscow conference convening to-day. Decided against attending because feared presence there would be misunderstood as no colleagues going. American Consul Moscow instructed keep me advised of proceedings which promise discord, possibly bitterness. Conference called by Provisional Government, Kerensky presiding. Cadets under Milyukov leadership will criticize Government because disappointing in restoring army discipline and has failed to protect industrial interests being unduly influenced by socialistic sentiment. Kornilov visited Petrograd 23d and Minister for Foreign Affairs says perfect understanding obtains between Kornilov and Kerensky. Savinkov, executive Minister of War under Kerensky, resigned which is generally regretted, as strong character, relentless in enforcing orders. Minister for Foreign Affairs says confidentially Savinkov’s resignation result of efforts to create difference between Kornilov and Kerensky. Ministers left for Moscow conference yesterday.

Petrograd press states we have loaned England additional $50,000,000 making total to Allies $2,000,000,000, of which Russia’s portion, according to my advices, only $175,000,000, or about 9 per cent. Is that correct? Tell McAdoo am awaiting reply.