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The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1124. Accompanied by Embassy suite was received by Council of Ministers 4.30 p.m. After introduction by Milyukov spoke as follows: [Page 13]

Mr. President of the Council of Ministers, I have the honor, as American Ambassador and as representative of the Government of the United States accredited to Russia, to state in accordance with my instructions that the Government of the United States recognizes the new Government of Russia and that I, as Ambassador of the United States, will be pleased to continue intercourse with Russia through the medium of the new Government. May the cordial relations existing between the two countries continue to obtain and may they prove mutually satisfactory and beneficial.

Every Minister present except Minister of War who out of city. Milyukov replied expressing great gratification and saying it was first formal recognition of new Government; was highly appreciated and would have great moral effect, etc. Have since heard that British and French Ambassadors formally recognized Government in note sent to Foreign Office 3 p.m., but I had formally recognized Government in interview with Milyukov at 11 a.m.

American Consul, Odessa, wired 18th, received to-day:

No strikes or disturbances have occurred in connection with the establishment of the Provisional Government here.