File No. 861.00/421

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1519. Reported that four Cadet Ministers resigned, Minister of Finance, Minister of Ways of Communication, Minister of Education and the Minister of Public Welfare. Asked audience with the Minister for Foreign Affairs but office replied he was sick at home thereupon telephoned residence and the reply was Minister too ill to see me but would to-morrow morning. Cause attributed is that Minister of War, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister of Posts and Telegraphs who returned yesterday from Ukraine had granted that province concessions with which Cadet Party unable to agree. Understood Minister of Ways of Communication after resigning from the Ministry will leave Cadet Party and be reappointed to Ministry. Council of Ministers will meet this evening to consider situation. Real difficulty appears to be that Cadet Ministers wish relief from responsibility of situation which becoming critical on account of food scarcity and workmen’s refusal to work.

Later. Afternoon papers report Ministry had all-night session which Kerensky came from front to attend, returning to front 8 this morning after saying, “Cadet Ministers stabbed Russia in the back while fighting enemy at our gates.” Cadets dominated by Milyukov.