File No. 862.20293/21

The Minister in China ( Reinsch) to the Secretary of State


Your cipher telegram of December 11, 4 p.m. It is difficult to secure details concerning German intrigue and propaganda but their relations with Chinese people are close and their activities [require?] effective supervision. There is reason to believe many Germans still exercising influence. The possibilities of liberation prisoners of war in Siberia makes it desirable they should have no base of operations in China. Deportation of Germans, at the very least of all persons suspected by any Allied powers, including American Legation, of secret influence and plotting is advisable in my opinion.

Approximately 2,000 Germans in China.

Chinese police arrangements defective but with assistance of Allies could succeed. It would however be preferable if the deportation could be administered entirely by the Allies in behalf of the Chinese as more effective and less likely to have dangerous consequences for the relations of Chinese to western people generally. Exceptions might also be desirable in the case of persons of only formal German nationality and allegiance associated with legitimate Allied or American enterprise.

I believe that if the associated Legations demanded deportation, the Chinese Government would be [disposed to?] comply.