File No. 763.72/8223a

The Secretary of State to the Minister in China ( Reinsch)


Department’s September 20, 4 p.m.1 French Government referring to reply of Chinese Government to proposals of the Ministers representing powers at war with Germany has called the attention of American Government to unwillingness of Chinese Government to” inhibit trading with enemy subjects, to intern enemy subjects or to liquidate commercial houses as requested by the Allied Ministers and reported in your September 5, midnight,2 section 2, B, C, and D, and has requested that you be instructed to obtain from the Chinese Government satisfactory replies to these requests.

Sections 4067 to 4070, inclusive, Revised Statutes, concerning alien enemies, and President’s proclamations, April 6 and November 16, Nos. 1364 and 1408, respectively, relating thereto; joint resolution approved May 12 authorizing taking over of vessels in which there is enemy interest referred to in Executive Order No. 2651, June 30; Espionage Act, approved June 15 and proclamations July 9, August 27, September 7, November 28, numbered 1385, 1391, 1392, 1410, respectively, prohibiting, under title 7, this act, exports except with licenses; and Trading with Enemy Act, approved October 6 (a copy of which, together with Executive order, October 12, mailed you November 6 and concerning application of which you were informed in Department’s November 30, 5 p.m.3) and proclamation November 28 prohibiting, under section 11 this act, imports except with licenses, indicate practice this Government with regard to trading with enemy and treatment enemy persons and property in the United States.

You will bring these laws and proclamations as they are received to knowledge Chinese Government and to the extent of these laws and proclamations you may support the requests of the Ministers of [Page 708] Governments at war with Germany to the end that China may be persuaded of the necessity and desirability of adopting similar effective measures.

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