File No. 763.72114/3104

The French Embassy to the Department of State



China has up to date evaded the question of a satisfactory engagement with respect to the situation of enemy subjects residing within her territory and the Government of the Republic would regard it as urgent to obtain on this point a decision which would secure the interests of the Entente powers.

The presence of enemy subjects in China is, as a matter of fact, a cause for serious alarm on account of the intrigues of every kind which they are ceaselessly getting up to hurt the cause of Germany’s enemies in the Chinese mind. Since the diplomatic and consular officers left, the undertaking of corruption and seduction pursued by our foes has been conducted by business men in close relations with the most turbulent Chinese elements, viz.: the extreme parties. It is now proven that last summer they promoted, on the one hand, the monarchical coup d’etat of General Tchang-Hsun and on the other hand abetted the opposition of such Republicans as T’ong Shao-yi and Sun Yat Sen to a breach between China and Germany.

The Austro-German activities, dangerous enough in any condition of things because of the unstable character of the Chinese policy and of the alertness of private rivalry in that country, are made even more disquieting by the latest political crisis that has just broken out in Peking.

Under those conditions it would seem that the most effective measure that can be taken is that suggested by the British Government, [Page 706] viz.: the general expulsion from the territory of China of enemy subjects who should be interned in Australia since the condition of Chinese Government precludes a consideration of internment in China.

The French Government has reason to believe that this course would be acceptable to the Chinese Government if joint action were taken by the French, English, American and Japanese Governments.

In submitting the foregoing remarks and suggestions to the consideration of the Department of State, the Embassy of France ventures to remind it that the expulsion of enemy subjects from Liberia when that country declared war on Germany met with the approval of the Federal Government.