File No. 763.72119/566a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis )


1337. Communicate following H. F. Meserve:

Congress has voted seven billions war loan, three billions to be advanced to Russia and Allied Governments. There has been great enthusiasm here over Russian governmental reforms but recent reports widely circulated in public press indicating new government in control of Radical Socialists who are seeking to bring about separate peace with Germany seriously affecting Russian interests here, and if continued may prevent Russia’s participation in loan to the Allies. At your discretion communicate this widely to Russian leaders and urge that every endeavor be made to correct this unfortunate and growing impression upon American people. If new Government can maintain order and successfully prosecute the war it is impossible to overestimate the enthusiastic friendship that will be engendered in this country opening up tremendous possibilities for Russian development after the war. A separate peace will be fatal to American cooperation. McRoberts.1

  1. Samuel McRoberts, executive manager of the National City Bank.