File No. 763.72119/566

The Minister in Denmark ( Egan) to the Secretary of State


593. Newspaper reports from Berlin dated April 17 state that on April 16 large demonstrations took place in Berlin which were attended by 125,000 persons. Vorwärts comments:

One of the circumstances leading up to these demonstrations was evidently the cutting down of the bread rations. This however was [Page 30] not the only reason. The great events which have taken place during the past two weeks have no doubt made a great impression on the people of greater Berlin. The vast majority of the population is of the opinion that the realization of the announced progress in our internal policies should no longer be postponed. The Easter announcement had a favorable effect but it has not been able to do away with the doubt and anxiety prevailing concerning the future. Furthermore the people’s strong desire for peace played the most important part in connection with the demonstration. It is evident that if the Government had made any resistance the demonstrations would have assumed a more serious nature than was the case.

According to the late demonstrations of the German and Austrian Governments there exists the hope that the policy of the Central powers will lead to peace in the near future.