File No. 868.00/102

The Minister in Greece ( Droppers) to the Secretary of State


300. Your 258, April 15, 5 p.m.1 No doubt the more liberal elements with Provisional Government at Salonica, the more autocratic elements with the Government of Athens. England and France have diplomatic representatives at Salonica; Russia has promised one. Italy in the past has been hostile owing, it would appear, to imperialist motives. Consul Kehl reports adversely on the ground that generally the civil government is weak compared with French military government. Provisional Government includes Macedonia and all the Aegean Islands, including Athenaens [Aegina?]. Ionian Islands independent of Athens Government. I am inclined to think that if Italian opposition would cease, then with united Entente, the Government of the United States might send sympathetic but clear-headed diplomatic representative to Salonica.

  1. Not printed; see the Secretary’s No. 247, Apr. 4, 5 p.m., in Supplement 1, p. 77.