File No. 763.72/4498

The Chief of the Military Mission with the French Army ( Logan ) to The Adjutant General


French War Department requests transmission following:

Emphatic that economic war of blockade and trade restriction has importance equal to military and naval war. Enemy’s supplies of all kinds must be cut off.

They strongly recommend creation special bureau of the War Department, Washington, in direct communication with American representatives in joint Allied bureaus, French General Staff, Paris, which is prepared to cooperate and assist.

Military mission Paris must include two competent disinterested business men with temporary rank. Bureau, Washington, must be immediately established.

Other executive departments should be in touch with this service but war experiences have demonstrated necessity of War Department control.

Study possible military cooperation United States in France by cable April 14 by French Minister of War to French military attaché, Washington, for the consideration of our Government. It is based on joint study with military mission. See mission letter.

To promote efficiency request that all officers not attached to mission now in France, and all officers hereafter who will be sent to France without troops, be ordered to report for duty [with] military mission. Request early action.