File No. 763.72119/554

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State


300. Swedish press publishes following telegram received through Swedish telegraph bureau:

At meeting Russian labor and military representatives, Deputy Cheidze said: “Time now arrived people decide for war or peace. We side with those who claim all governments should renounce their ideas of conquest and revise treaties. We must work in this spirit in order end war.” Tseretelli, member second Duma, proposed resolution referring to appeal sent nations by Labor Military Council [Council of Workmen’s and Soldiers’ Deputies] March 27,1 confirming resolve of democracy to carry out principles justice, liberty in foreign policies as proclaimed in Russia and further states revolutionary Russian population will continue all efforts for peace on basis fraternity, equality between free nations. Renunciation by all governments of annexation program powerful medium of bringing about peace and until such terms agreed upon, war must continue. Russian democracy admits weakening of the front equivalent loss liberty and Labor Military Council therefore calls upon nation mobilize entire strength at front and home for success revolution. Working classes must not be satisfied with reforms already obtained [Page 23] but must increase labor output in order supply people and army with all necessities. This motion was carried by 325 against 55 together with military representative Romm’s motion which read: “Revolutionists in Russia will continue efforts obtain peace on basis fraternity, equality free nations. Renunciation by all governments of program territorial expansion is powerful means end war on such conditions but so long these conditions not realized, so long will war continue.” Kerenski, Minister Justice, said: “Power of accomplished revolution lies in fact that Russian democracy now entered arena and thus changed aim war. Democracy means free, friendly relationship of the people. Time has now arrived guard interests. Democracy has renounced all annexionists’ resolutions but until we hear from our borders that such is also case there we must continue then to defend liberty fatherland.” Congress then debated on its attitude toward Provisional Government and Steklov proposed resolution that Labor and Military Council support Provisional Government in so far as same follows path leading to strengthening conquests made by revolution and expansion such conquests.

  1. Quoted in despatch of Apr. 3 from the Consul at Petrograd, Foreign Relations, 1918, Russia, Vol. I, p. 18.