File No. 763.72119/539

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Elkus ) to the Secretary of State



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Enver just back from Berlin is reported to have stated yesterday in a gathering of Union and Progress Party deputies that the military situation of the Central powers was satisfactory and that there would be peace very soon. Because of this and similar statements concerning the approaching peace as well as reports circulated that British authorities at Bagdad accept Turkish paper lira at eighteen shillings, the price of gold and certain foreign stocks has fallen and Turkish Government is purchasing gold. At the beginning of February similar statements that peace would be established by the middle of May emanated from the German Embassy. As their only means of salvation many Turks [hope] that Russian revolution will strongly foster desire for peace and force new Russian Government to make separate peace with Central powers. Minister for Foreign Affairs stated yesterday that Russian soldiers at the fronts had sent word to the Turkish soldiers that there was no use of further military operations as there would be peace within ten days. Such rumors tend to increase these hopes of such separate peace.

Although it is believed that among many Turks there is a strong desire for a separate peace with the Entente powers yet the influence [Page 17] of Germans and their few Turkish partisans among the military seems too strong for that, while on the other hand these Turks are not sure that the Entente powers will consent to enter into peace negotiations with Turkey.

For the last two days there is general persistent talk among Turks and Germans here that peace will soon be forthcoming. It may be that peace talk is concerted and circulated firstly to quiet people here and in the provinces who openly state that they are tired of war and want peace at any price; secondly, to speculate in gold and securities.

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