File No. 763.72/3747

The Chargé in Austria-Hungary ( Grew ) to the Secretary of State


1823. Minister for Foreign Affairs has just informed me that the diplomatic relations between the United States and Austria-Hungary are broken and has handed me passports for myself and the members of the Embassy. He states that we may leave the Monarchy at your convenience and that every possible courtesy will be extended. Am telegraphing consuls to arrange their affairs and proceed to Vienna with a view to leaving for Switzerland if possible at end of week.

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Following is translation of text of note handed me by Minister:

Imperial and Royal Ministry of the Imperial and Royal House and of Foreign Affairs

Vienna, April 8, 1917.

Since the United States of America has declared that a state of war exists between it and the Imperial German Government, Austria-Hungary, as ally of the German Empire, has decided to break off the diplomatic relations with the United States, and the Imperial and Royal Embassy in Washington has been instructed to inform the Department of State to that effect.

While regretting under these circumstances to see a termination of the personal relations which he has had the honor to hold with Chargé d’Affaires of the United States of America, the undersigned does not fail to place at the former’s disposal herewith the passport for the departure from Austria-Hungary of himself and the other members of the Embassy.

At the same time the undersigned avails himself [etc.] Czernin.