File No. 868.00/128

The Minister in Greece ( Droppers) to the Secretary of State


368. Zaimis cabinet has resigned. Venizelos returning to Athens to become Prime Minister. He considers King Constantine did not abdicate in good faith and still hopes to return. Therefore prolongation of any interim or compromise régime will merely serve to keep up morale of Germanophile party. He considers therefore his accession to power urgent. He intends to impress upon all sections necessity of maintaining order and discipline. I do not expect immediate declaration of war by Greece on Central powers. Following example of my colleagues, have had “private” audience with the King. He said that chief obstacle to general harmony was with Army officers who objected to serving with those who had in their opinion violated their oath to late King. He asked for assistance United States in his difficulties. Counselled cordial cooperation with Entente as only solution. I think he still fears Germans.