File No. 763.72/5533b

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Spain ( Willard)


549. Mr. Morgenthau sailed June 21 on steamship Buenos Aires and should arrive Cádiz about July 1. Please telegraph in special red code strictly confidential to the Consul to meet Mr. Morgenthau and tell him that British and French representatives will meet him at Gibraltar. Also that Department understands that Monsieur Weyl will go to Gibraltar, and French consul will have his address.

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[For public statement issued by the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs (Tereshchenko) on May 6/19, 1917, declaring that he would work for an early general peace “without annexations or indemnities,” but including a “realization of their ideal” for the people of Alsace-Lorraine, that there is no question of a separate peace, that publication of the secret treaties would be untimely, and that Russia must continue to defend herself in the field, see enclosure in despatch No. 760, May 21, 1917 (received June 26), from the Ambassador in Russia, Foreign Relations, 1918, Russia, Volume I, page 75.]