File No. 711.38/168

The Secretary of State to the Haitian Minister

The Secretary of State has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the memorandum of the Haitian Minister2 with regard to the interpretation of the words “collect, receive and apply” in Article II of the Haitian American Treaty of September 16, 1915.

As the matter was clearly explained to the Haitian Minister by Mr. Polk on November 2, in the course of a conference with Mr. Ménos, the Department of State wishes to confirm the views then expressed which are as follows: that inasmuch as there is no record of a definite agreement as to the construction of this Article, the Department is unable to attach to the words “collect, receive and apply,” any other significance than that which they bear in common and legal use.

  1. For. Rel. 1916, p. 362. Note dated Oct. 6, 1916.