File No. 838.00/1432a

The Secretary of State to Minister Blanchard


Following is a paraphrase of cable, sent by Navy Department to Admiral Knapp, commanding cruiser forces in Haitian waters, and outlining policy of the United States which has been formulated in conference between Navy and State Departments.

It has been the policy of the Government of the United States to support Dartiguenave so long as he conducted his administration in accordance with correct principles and the agreements entered into between Haiti and the United States. Any attempt to overthrow the present President of Haiti will not be countenanced, nor will any legislative action annulling any Presidential decree which was issued at a time when no legislative body was in session be favored. On the other hand, it will regard it as the beginning of activities of a revolutionary and disorderly political character in the Republic. It is believed that if the Government should be defeated it would be highly desirable that the present Cabinet resign and a Cabinet in harmony with the dominant party be formed by the President. It is considered that the best interests of prosperity, peace and future development in Haiti will be served if conditions remain as they are and that every effort be directed to developing the internal resources of the country and placing them on a more stable basis. The Government of Haiti may be informed of the policy as herein outlined in your discretion.

You will be further instructed if the Department desires you to take any action in this connection.