File No. 714.1515/14

Minister Ewing to the Secretary of State


Your cipher telegram of March 3, 5 p.m. Guatemalan interference took place at Cuyamelito River ten kilometers east of Motagua River and thirty from the sea. When Guatemala threatened invasion Honduran troops started for scene but they were recalled at the suggestion of this Legation. Only fifty soldiers permanently stationed at Omoa and sixty others reaching the scene for the protection of company property as required by concession and these sixty were withdrawn immediately.

This has not been disputed territory until now and has been under the jurisdiction of Honduras always, a title deed having been granted by the Government sixty years ago and the present company having operated peacefully fifteen years. The only Guatemalan settlement east of Motagua is known as Sinchada where four families settled [Page 765] two years ago and where Guatemala established garrison of ten men and a telegraph line eighteen months ago.

Honduras claims that rightful boundary line is far from Motagua to the west. Honduras suggests that the United States appoint impartial engineers, preferably from the United States Army, to meet with the boundary commission, being entirely confident that she can prove her claim and convict Guatemala of bad faith.