File No. 814.032/7

Minister Leavell to the Secretary of State

No. 364

Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith two copies of the Annual Message presented by His Excellency President Manuel Estrada Cabrera to the Congress of Guatemala at its opening session on the first day of March. I also beg leave to transmit translations of such portions of the message as relate to the United States.

I have [etc]

Wm. Hayne Leavell

Message of President Manuel Estrada Cabrera to the Congress

The Finance Commission which the Government of the United States appointed to return the visit which our Committee made to the above-named Republic to attend the Pan American Financial Conference which was held in Washington during the month of May 1915, was welcomed and entertained during the days the Commission remained in this country. Ideas were exchanged tending to make closer the commercial relations of both countries; and in the meeting of the International High Commission for uniform legislation celebrated from the 3d to the 12th of April, where we were represented by our delegates Doctor Juan J. Ortega and Mr. Francisco Sanchez Latour, matters of importance were discussed and resolutions were taken looking to the accomplishment of a closer commercial and financial understanding between the American nations by the use of uniform methods. The Guatemalan Financial Commission is at present studying the above-named resolutions and is already in touch, through the channel of the Central Executive Council at Washington, with the proper Committees operating in the other Republics of the Continent. * * *

I saw with deep concern the development of events which nearly caused a state of war between the United States and Mexico on account of the difficulties created by the occurrences which took place on the boundary line between the two countries, a concern which was turned into gratification on learning that the respective governments had arrived at an understanding which reconciled their mutual interests.

Guatemala continues to cultivate with the United States of North America the most frank and cordial relations on the traditional foundation of friendship and mutual respect. The Great American Nation reelected to the Presidency in November last, the Honorable Woodrow Wilson; and the Guatemalan Government, wishing to give a new proof of its sympathy with the Government and people of that Republic, resolved that an Extraordinary Mission should attend in the name of Guatemala the solemn inauguration ceremonies prefacing the Second Presidential Term of Mr. Wilson.

The personnel of the Commission provided for in the Treaty of Peace entered into with the United States on September 20, 1913, was completed by Guatemala. * * *