The Minister of Greece to the Secretary of State

No. 1358

Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to forward herewith to your excellency a letter with its office copy sent by His Majesty, Alexander, King of the Hellenes, to the President of the United States announcing his accession to the throne.

Begging your excellency kindly to forward this letter to its high destination and thanking you in advance, I beg you, Mr. Secretary of State, to accept [etc.]

G. Roussos

King Alexander to President Wilson

Very Dear and Great Friend: Called through the abdication of my highly venerated, well-beloved father and that of my well-beloved elder brother to the throne of Greece, I fulfill the duty of announcing my accession to you. I feel assured that my reign will ever find a support in your sentiments and I beg you kindly to be convinced that for my part I shall exert my every effort toward drawing closer and closer the bonds so happily established between our friendly and allied countries. I indulge the hope that under those auspices, my wishes for the welfare of my subjects and my wish to fulfill as far as it lies in my power the great but difficult duty which I have just assumed will achieve beneficial results and exert efficacious influence on the sources of prosperity and the social [Page 750] happiness of the Hellenic nation. I gladly avail myself of this opportunity to address to you, Very Dear and Great Friend, the expression of the wishes I make for the prosperity of the United States of America and the assurances of my high esteem and constant friendship.

Written at Our Royal Palace in Athens on July 6, of the year one thousand nine hundred and seventeen.

Your sincere Friend,

Alexander R

N. Politis