File No. 711.5914/249

The Danish Minister to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary of State: Agreeable to your suggestion in your letter to me of January 29, I cabled on February 1 to the Danish Government asking to be supplied with a definite statement of the character and extent of Danish obligations and rights in the Danish West Indies, such statement to cover all the points mentioned in your formal note to me of January 29 on the same subject.

I have now received a reply-cablegram from the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs in which he states that it has been found impracticable to send the required information by cable, but that this information was sent to me in a letter by the S. S. Frederik VIII, which sailed from Copenhagen on February 6.

Barring delay occasioned by British cruisers detaining the ship, the Frederik VIII should arrive in New York about 10 or 12 days from the date of sailing, and I shall then at once have the pleasure of communicating further with you.

I am [etc.]

C. Brun