File No. 893.00/2581

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Sharp 5


2338. My June 4, 3 p.m. The Department earnestly hopes for cooperation of French Government as proposed. This it is believed here will hasten removal of dissension and make possible united Chinese cooperation with powers opposing Germany.

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The American Government is informed that the military party in revolt claims sympathy of the Allies. This is unfortunate since it will likely deprive us of sympathy of Chinese people. It is important in the view of this Government to disassociate our action from all instigation of revolt against recognized government. In fact the rupture of relations with Germany was first urged by the parliamentary party now identified with the recognized government.

This party still desires to be associated with the aims of the Allies but insists upon a Cabinet in sympathy with parliamentary majority as necessary to prevent use of situation to weaken or overthrow popular government. If the revolt succeeds in overthrowing the present government civil war, I fear, is sure to result. In such an event the allied cause would gain nothing.

Identic representations by the United States, France, Great Britain and Japan, urging the need of an amicable adjustment of difficulties would undoubtedly tend to bring about such adjustment and reunite all factions in support of the Allies.

Please urge a favorable response.

  1. Mutatis mutandis to the American Embassy at London.