File No. 837.156/199

The Secretary of State to Chargé Scholle


Your October 19, 11 p.m. Inform President of Cuba that the Department’s attitude as expressed in its telegram of October 12, 7 p.m. was reached as a result of representations made to this Government by the British Embassy on behalf of British security holders and by the Ports Company which desires postponement of trial only until a conference may be held within a month between the counsel for the company and for the bondholders and Minister Gonzales, with a view to seeking some amicable solution mutually satisfactory to all concerned, and to which the Cuban Government may properly accede. To these considerations may be added the belief and hope of the Minister himself, as stated to the Department, that some such solution can thus be attained, as well as the Department’s consistent desire to assist the Government of Cuba, if not incompatible with its wishes, in reaching such solution and thus avoiding the complications and embarrassments of litigation and inevitable diplomatic pressure by Governments whose subjects are affected.