File No. 337.11/217

The Secretary of Commerce to the Secretary of State

Sir: We have received from The Cleveland Worsted Mills Company, Cleveland, Ohio, a letter stating that the company has at present outstanding accounts in Cuba amounting to many thousands of dollars and asking our advice as to the proper steps to take to protect its interests in the island. I understand that in an informal conference between officials of this Department and officials of the Department of State the point was made that an American firm whose property interests in Cuba were jeopardized by the disturbances there might appeal to the Cuban Government for protection of these interests, either through the American Minister or direct to the Government through its native agencies. It is also understood that while no one, of course, can predict the outcome of the present disturbances, it is believed that they have been localized and that the influence of the United States will probably operate to prevent their long continuance. We would be glad to have these points confirmed, or to be advised as to the information that may be given to the Cleveland concern to properly protect its interests in Cuba.

William C. Redfield