File No. 813.00/861

Minister Long to the Secretary of State


Department’s August 22, 5 p.m. When Nicaragua denounced, with intention of terminating Washington Convention which provides for Central American Court of Justice, Salvador opposed her position and advised first with Honduras and Costa Rica regarding Central American conference to discuss renewal of Washington Convention especially one relating to Court and exhorting Nicaragua to reconsider. Costa Rica then assumed the initiative by inviting Honduras and the other Central American States in notes dated July 17, to Central American Conference at San José to be held September 15. Honduras added to her note of acceptance suggestion that reunion of Central America be discussed at conference as the main question. Minister of Foreign Affairs told me yesterday that Salvador favored the conference to discuss Washington Convention and favored principle of a united Central America but had instructed her representatives at Mexico City and Washington to sound Mexican and American Governments to ascertain if they would attend the proposed conference at San José and pending reply advised Costa Rica of action taken stating Salvador was disposed to accept but would first have to hear what position United States would take as she had not recognized present Costa Rica Government.