File No. 837.00/1106a

The Secretary of State to Minister Gonzales


You will hand Government of Cuba copy of following statement and say that you are authorized to make it public. You are instructed to transmit to Consuls and Consular Agents of United States in Cuba with directions to give it publicity:

It is hardly necessary to state that the events of the past week in connection with the revolt against the Government of Cuba have been viewed with the closest scrutiny by the Government of the United States, which Government having set forth its attitude in previous statements, in regard to the confidence and support which it gives to constitutional governments and the policy which it has assumed towards the disturbance of peace through revolutionary methods, wishes again to inform the Cuban people as to its present position.

The Government of the United States supports and sustains the Constitutional Government of the Republic of Cuba.
The armed revolt against the Constitutional Government of Cuba is considered by the Government of the United States as a lawless and unconstitutional act and will not be countenanced.
The leaders of the revolt will be held responsible for injury to foreign nationals and for destruction of foreign property.
The Government of the United States will give careful consideration to its future attitude towards those persons connected with and concerned in the present disturbance of peace in the Republic of Cuba.