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Situation at noon today. Baldomero Acosta and Pino Guerra, with eighty men including fifteen soldiers, deserters from Camp Columbia, passed into Pinar del Rio Province from Habana, pursued by soldiers. They made a stand against small detachment soldiers but fled when reinforcements arrived. Three insurgents, including sergeant of deserters, eight horses killed, [apparent omission] two Government soldiers. Government completely controls Santa Clara Province west of Jatibonico River. José Miguel Gómez with main body insurgents whose strength described by the Government as only several hundred is near Ciego del Avila in Camaguey. Sugar mills of Cuba Central, British company, at Jatibonico stopped grinding yesterday on order of Gómez. Since then eight hundred Government troops have arrived in the neighborhood. Seven hundred Government [Page 358] troops from Cabanas fortress will land from cruiser Cuba at Jucaro tomorrow to cooperate with the forces mentioned as near Jatibonico.