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Minister Gonzales to the Secretary of State


No material change since earlier report. Cruiser Cuba left here tonight with three or four hundred men for Santiago.

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Government appears to have situation at Santa Clara well in hand. Tonight President Menocal showed me telegram from General Nunez in city of Santa Clara saying there is order about the places where voting will take place tomorrow and that liberals will participate in elections.

President asserted people in the country were not [apparent omission] the petty insurgent chiefs and that he was receiving thousands of telegrams from volunteers.

Whereabouts of Gómez not definitely determined but he is believed to be in Camaguey by the President, who says that he will begin vigorous move against him the day after elections.

There was more optimism shown at the palace tonight.

“This means life or death for Cuba; I hope it is [apparent omission],” said the President.

As I need him and he could attend only one polling place in Santa Clara am keeping military attaché here.