File No. 837.00/1073

Consul General Rodgers to the Secretary of State


It is reported from reliable sources that Province Camaguey in hands revolutionary party with former President Gómez in command of forces and supported by four thousand men. Further that provisional government has been declared with Enrique Recio, Representative, at head. It is reported also that Oriente Province and Santiago de Cuba in hands revolutionary party and that tranquillity prevails there, armed forces having deserted Government. Also that [Page 356] liability of revolt in army at Habana may occur tonight. All this unofficial but from apparently reliable sources and communicated to Department under that understanding. No doubt but that outlook for Government very serious under present conditions and general opinion seems to be that great trouble will result.

Reports as to occurrences in Camaguey and Oriente are now reaching sugar mill and steamship offices in Habana and all confirm news herein. So far as reported absolutely no antagonism to Americans or interests as yet.