File No. 763.72/3752

Mr. Fernández Guardia to the Secretary of State

Mr. Secretary: The United States having declared that a state of war exists with the Imperial German Government, my Government has instructed me to reiterate to your excellency the assurances of Costa Rica’s most sincere and loyal friendship for the United States.

The Costa Rican Government considers that it is the duty of all American Republics to support, at least morally, the noble attitude assumed by the United States in defense of the highest ideals of law, of right and justice, and of democracy.

The Republic of Costa Rica regrets that, because of its lack of material strength, it cannot in this crisis tender to the United States more substantial cooperation; but if it might be permitted to demonstrate [Page 322]its solidarity with the Government and people of its great sister Republic of the North in such manner, for instance, as by permitting the use of its waters and ports for war needs by the American Navy, that form of cooperation would be undertaken with the greatest satisfaction.

With great pleasure I reiterate to your excellency [etc.]

R. Fernández Guardia