File No. 711.21/386a

The Secretary of State to the Colombian Minister

My dear Mr. Betancourt: In taking leave of you at this time, upon your departure from the United States, as Minister from Colombia, to undertake important negotiations for your Government elsewhere, it gives me great pleasure to say to you that I consider that your labors for the treaty between the United States and Colombia have been tireless, and that whatever success may come from the treaty will be largely owing to your perseverance.

I also wish to say to you that the desire of the Administration for the ratification of the treaty between Colombia and the United States by the Senate, is, as it always has been, very great.

In this connection I wish to say that, as you can clearly see, the many delays in this matter have been caused by conditions brought about by the European war, the breaking off of relations by the United States with Germany, and latterly, by the entrance of the United States into the war.

Believe me to be [etc.]

Robert Lansing