File No. 811.33/144

Ambassador Morgan to the Secretary of State

No. 960

Sir: The visit of Admiral Caperton, Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Squadron, with the four vessels of his command, the Pittsburg, South Dakota, Frederick, and Pueblo, from June 26 to July 6, was gratifying both to the Brazilian Government and people which expressed its appreciation not only by a number of entertainments but by signs and indications which are more eloquent than the series [Page 28] of fêtes which usually commemorates the visit of a squadron. The bonhomie and desire to please which the Admiral and his officers indicated were in harmony with the spirit which animates the Brazilians toward the United States, and were particularly acceptable on that account. The enlisted men of the squadron, most of whom were between the ages of 18 and 22, conducted themselves with propriety and their popularity was proved by the remarkable cordiality with which they were greeted, not only during the naval parade on July 4, but also on the frequent occasions on which they visited this city. Although about 2,000 of them came ashore every day I have yet to hear of an instance where they abused the hospitality which was shown them or disturbed public order by thoughtless or rude acts.

The naval parade on July 4, in which a contingent of American, English, French and Brazilian marines and sailors participated was a remarkable spectacle which produced a deep impression on all who saw it and committed the Brazilian Government to a further step on the political ladder toward approximation with the United States and her European associates in the War of 1917.

The newspapers were most favorable in their comments. An article in A Noite, the leading evening paper in this city, remarked upon the good humor and generosity of our boys which was displayed on many occasions in a gratifying manner. Before sailing for the south Admiral Caperton paid official calls upon the Ministers, associations and newspapers, an act of courtesy which was commented upon with approval in the public press.

I have [etc.]

Edwin V. Morgan