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Chargé Belden to the Secretary of State

No. 397

Sir: In acknowledgment of the Department’s cablegram of February 28, 7 p.m., relative to the question of the pending treaty between the United States and Colombia, I have the honor to transmit herewith copies of my note to the Minister for Foreign Relations, of March 7, and the Minister’s reply thereto accompanied by translation.

I first communicated the contents of the Department’s instruction verbally, whereupon the Minister requested me to send a note to the Ministry containing the message for the purpose of giving the note and the reply thereto to the press. The publication of these notes has been most favorably received and has calmed somewhat the unfortunate attacks referred to in my cablegram of February 26 last.

I have [etc.]

Perry Belden
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Chargé Belden to the Minister for Foreign Affairs

No. 237

Mr. Minister: I have the honor to inform your excellency that the President on the fifth instant called the Senate of the United States of America to a special session to consider various matters of national importance. I have been instructed to inform your excellency that one of the principal reasons for the calling of this special session of the Senate is the desire of the Government to obtain action on the treaty pending between the United States and Colombia and that all governmental forces will be exerted to secure its ratification.

The Government of the United States has the passage and ratification of the treaty in question very much at heart. It was, however, felt inadvisable during the recent short session of Congress on account of the extraordinary pressure of business to urge action at that time. I permit myself to mention to your excellency the fact that the very critical international situation which absorbed the full extent of the last session of Congress, because of the many details to be considered, prevented action on various questions of a most pressing character and that a special session of the Senate will leave ample opportunity to give full consideration to the treaty.

It is sincerely hoped by my Government that the Government and people of Colombia will not misunderstand the situation regarding the treaty which is set forth above.

I take this opportunity [etc.]

Perry Belden
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The Minister for Foreign Affairs to Chargé Belden

Mr. Chargé d’Affaires: I have the honor to reply to your attentive note, dated the 7th instant, written to inform my Government that His Excellency, the President of the United States, has called the Senate to extraordinary sessions; that one of the principal reasons for the convocation is the desire that the treaty pending between Colombia and the United States be considered, for the ratification of which every influence of the Government will be brought to bear; and that the Government is deeply interested in that the treaty receive the desired ratification.

Having communicated the note referred to to the President of the Republic, I received an order to express to you, and through your medium to your Government, as I have the honor to do, the due acknowledgment of the Government of the Republic for this new proof which the Government of the United States gives of its high spirit of justice in favor of the rights of Colombia and of the friendship between her and your nation. Of these sentiments neither the Government nor the people of Colombia could entertain any doubt, as there have been many repeated acts of His Excellency, the President of the United States, by which he has shown his decided good will towards that friendship and especially in favor of the affair, the solution of which has been desired since a long time.

I repeat [etc.]

Marco Fidel Suárez