File No. 711.21/353

Chargé Belden to the Secretary of State


I have just had conversation with Minister for Foreign Affairs regarding treaty.

Notice of probable postponement of consideration of the treaty as reported in press despatches has produced press attacks. Editorial yesterday morning by General Carlos Cuervo, known to the Department of State because of his speech at banquet in Boston following second Scientific Congress, advocates that the Colombian Government withdraw its approval of treaty, stating that the long delay has placed Colombia in a ridiculous position and suggesting that, because of actual world conditions, more satisfactory arrangements might be made by Colombia. This might mean treating with another nation.

Minister for Foreign Affairs requests me to ask for authorization present note to Foreign Office for publication giving, if it is possible, text of President’s letter to Senate Committee, and the reply thereto. Colombian Government has been informed that Senator Stone suggested that treaty would receive more favorable treatment, if considered in special session of the Senate.

Please instruct by telegraph.