File No. 893.51/1739

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Guthrie


Your telegrams of January 27, noon, and January 28, 1 p.m. are substantially answered already by Department’s telegram of January 27, 5 p.m.15

The Japanese Ambassador has handed me complete text of speech by Minister for Foreign Affairs to the Diet. The portion quoted in your telegram was given to the press by the Department which read with satisfaction the expression of friendly sentiments towards America and noted with pleasure the assurance given that the Japanese Government would not interfere with the internal policies of China. The American Government will be glad to see Americans and Japanese cooperate in industrial development of China and shares views of Minister that such cooperation should be for business only, not for political advantage.

Your statement of Department’s attitude towards participation by American financiers in loans by consortium is approved. I agree with the Minister in the opinion that no question can arise between our two Governments that cannot by frankness and friendliness be satisfactorily solved.

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