File No. 817.51/931

Minister Jefferson to the Secretary of State

No. 357

Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith for the information of the Department copy and translation of the data requested by the Commission of Public Credit of the holders of claims against the Government of Nicaragua.

I have [etc.]

Benjamin L. Jefferson

Notice of the Commission of Public Credit to all holders of claims against the Government

It being necessary for the Commission of Public Credit to learn the exact amount of the public debt, and the history of the credits of which it is composed, it gives notice to all persons, societies or corporations holding any documents [Page 1122] against the State that they should send to this office as soon as possible the following data on their credits:

Concerning cash loans: Amount of the original sum, kind of money in which the obligation is, rate of interest, amount of interests liquidated on December 31 last, total including principal and interests, the date on which the obligation was contracted, the date of maturity, the public official who signed the obligation, name of the office, date and name of the official who received the sum, number and date of the document.
Concerning loans part in cash and part in documents of public credit (portioned loans): All foregoing data, and in addition detail of the part in cash and of the part in credits with which it was portioned.
Concerning whisky and tobacco: Number of certificate, date, official who signed the obligation, the depository where the goods were delivered, the principal, the interests, the total of principal and interests.
Concerning invoices of merchandise sold to the Government: There shall be expressed the class of goods or articles, by whom it was ordered, to whom it was delivered, total of articles, amount of unit value, date on which delivered, and a true copy of each invoice.
The amounts of foreign correspondents: There shall be sent statements complete to December 31 last with the verifying invoices.
Holders of bonds of national taxes of 1913: They shall give the number of bonds, number of register, sum total and interests to December 31 last, amount in cash and amount in documents of public credit which were delivered.
Leases: Date of the lease, monthly amount of the same, period of the contract and the amount due to December 31, 1916.
Supplies of all kinds, such as of water, lights, etc.
Bonds of the administration of ex-President Zelaya: Number of bonds, number of the series and of each bond, and the sum total.
Bonds of the administration of ex-President Madriz: Number of bonds, number of the series and of each bond, and the sum total.
Documents or quedans (promises to pay): If they proceed from the bonds of the administrations of ex-Presidents Zelaya and Madriz, they shall state from which of the issues of 1909.
Documents proceeding from cancellations of privileges or monopolies.
Taxes for all time, verified by the constituted Government.
Levies or pillage by revolutionaries, but recognized as debts of the State by a public official or a competent tribunal.

In brief, it is desired to obtain the data of all debts against the State, duly legalized with all the necessary requisites, and signed by a public official or competent tribunal.

With respect to the credits of the Mixed Claims Commission, the holder of credits of this class shall send the following data: Number of the judgment, name of the original claimant, number of the case, amount recognized and the name of the actual holder.

There shall be excepted from the sending of this data back salaries for services to the Government, as salaries, fees and wages of employees shown by the State budget, subsidies to colleges and schools, and charities, pensions to invalids and other pensions.

Note: Every creditor must place at the foot of the statement of the data concerning his credit the following oath: “I certify that the statement which precedes with regard to the data of my credit is authentic, that I am owner or legitimate holder, and that I have not received any sum or sums on account of this credit.”

If any sum or sums have been received on account, there shall be given the date, and the sum or sums, the public official from whom they were received and the office of the one who paid them.

(Here the date and the signature of the holder of the credit)

  • M. Benard,
    Commissioned by the Government of Nicaragua—President
  • Alberto Zelaya,
  • A. F. Lindberg,
    Commissioned by the Department of State of the United States