File No. 817.51/876

Minister Jefferson to the Secretary of State


The Legation received January 25, 1917, the following official communication from the Minister for Foreign Affairs with the request that the same be sent to the Department:

The desire of the Nicaraguan Government is that the Government of the United States please pay the Ethelburga from the money now on deposit for the Canal Treaty the value of sevii [?] 24 coupons convertible January 1, 1915 to December 31, 1916.

In return the Nicaraguan Government expects that there will be placed at its disposal before February 1, 1917, 243,000 cordobas now held by customs and also that a draft for 250,000 dollars be drawn in favor of Nicarauguan Government from the Canal money. Sums of money so received by the Government will be used for payment of urgent needs and back salaries of the Government in accordance with express conditions through the medium of the Legation as may be decided by the Secretary of State.

The executive has communicated to the National Congress a decree for the purpose of creating a debt commission composed of the Minister of Finance and Lindberg and the Secretary of State, or the person he may designate to act as arbiter, the President reserving for later consideration the appointing of a Financial Adviser.